Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zarqawi Effect

The death of Zarqawi has had one unusual effect- it's made the Left/Liberal wing of the political sphere admit that we are facing a huge threat, one not embodied in any one individual, but rather an ideology. Of course their protestations are partly inspired by a desire not to let anyone believe that Bush has scored any points or "won" anything, but I think it's telling that the same people who were only recently calling for America to pull out of Iraq are now stating that Zarqawi was nothing more than a figurehead to a vast and dangerous group of terrorists.

I'm sure that in a week or two though, they'll be back to blaming Bush for not catching Bin Laden. If we do get that rat though- expect them to have a brief glimpse of reality again, just enough to try and counter any positive influence such a success would have on the American people; to rapidly attack Bush's "smirk" and to loudly proclaim that getting rid of Bin Laden will not stop the threat we're up against.

You wouldn't think that it would be so hard for the left and right to unite against an enemy that thinks nothing of blowing innocent people to smithereens or hacking civilians heads off in snuff videos.

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