Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hamas' Chemical Bombs

It seems that Hamas, the group which was supposed to become moderate after winning elections remember, is experimenting with adding toxic chemicals to its bombs.

The sources said the experiments have involved relatively simple chemicals, and as far as is known, the organization is not yet able to integrate such agents into its bombs effectively. However, they said, Hamas' West Bank cells include several skilled bombmakers who are investing great effort in trying to upgrade their weapons.

The organization also is amassing large stocks of explosives so operatives will be ready to launch attacks immediately should its leadership decide to end the security "lull," the sources added.

Their terrorist cells have apparently been given orders to prepare attacks that can be executed as soon as the order is given. Their new tactic is alleged to be "mega-attacks".

Currently, Hamas' West Bank cells are focusing mainly on buying arms, training operatives, setting up explosives factories and conducting experiments. However, a few cells - mainly in the southern West Bank, around Hebron and Bethlehem - are continuing to carry out small-scale attacks. These cells are only loosely connected to the organization's leadership in Damascus and Gaza, and as long as they keep a relatively low profile and do not claim responsibility for their attacks in Hamas' name, the leadership does not interfere. One such cell was arrested early this year after murdering six Israeli civilians near Gush Etzion and Hebron.

I guess that those whose support resuming the flow of aid money to the PA must be trying hard to ignore information like this.

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