Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Times has an article on how global warming is already beginning to affect the evolution of some animal species. The changes seem to extend beyond the normal variation in behaviour that animals can display as they adapt to an altered environment. Here's an example-

Among European great tits, rising temperatures have created selective pressure because the caterpillars on which their chicks feed are maturing earlier in the spring. Tits that can lay their eggs earlier — a trait that is determined genetically — have an advantage, as their chicks can still eat these caterpillars.

They end their article with something of a footnote-

Global warming could be returning the world to the way it was four million years ago, when sea levels were 80ft (25m) higher than they are today, scientists led by Dr Alexey Fedorov, of Yale University, report in Science.

Who the heck was driving an SUV and burning fossil fuels four million years ago?

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