Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Implicit" Recognition

Ireland On-Line reports on the continued trouble between Israel and Hamas. As with many other news outlets they repeat the following line-

The violence complicated Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts to persuade the Hamas-led government to endorse a document that would implicitly recognise Israel.

As Charles Johnson has pointed out, the document does no such thing-

Notice the weasel words “implicit” and “implying.” [speaking about another report] The media use these words because the fact is that this document, written by terrorists and mass murderers serving jail sentences for their crimes, contains no recognition of Israel. It’s another phony ploy by the Palestinians, in a long line of phony “peace initiatives” staged for the benefit of the West and our endlessly gullible/dishonest media.

Honest Reporting has more, including a link to the actual document itself.

Ireland Online also conveniently adds that Hamas has "largely honoured" the ceasefire. So many news organisations seem so unwilling to want to state outright that Hamas has broken the ceasefire on more than one occasion, instead they all seem to make claims like this. And Hamas members are always militants, never terrorists. What does it take these days to have a terrorist called a terrorist- firing rockets at schools certainly isn't enough. Whatever happened to unbiased reporting?

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