Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The British press and media pundits are talking at great length about the schism between police and the Muslim community in the aftermath of the raid which left one man shot and wounded- and which appears to have found no evidence of terrorist activity. And George Galloway's Respect party is also getting in on the act-

MUSLIMS in east London should end co-operation with the police in the wake of last week’s terror raid, a Respect party activist has said.

Yvonne Ridley told listeners to a radio talk show that the community was being “terrorised” by the Metropolitan Police and should end all contact with the force.

A group called Stop Political Terror are also planning on holding a protest in London as a result of the raid-

The rally is being supported by the anti-war Respect Party, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Muslim Council of Britain which earlier this week voiced fears that trust between the Asian community and police could break down.

None of these groups seem to be too concerned about the actual chemical terror attack which police were desperate to foil. Tony Blair, however, is backing the police-

"I think that we should be very, very wary of drawing conclusions, but my view is absolutely clear," he said.

"I support the police 101 per cent, and the security services. I think that if they had a reasonable piece of intelligence that they think they have got to investigate and take action on, they should."

Of course, if such an attack had taken place, the police and intelligence service would be raked over hot coals for not doing enough to prevent it. As it is, the police claim to have had specific information of an imminent attack. They had no choice but to act.

I find it disconcerting that an anti-terror raid, aimed at protecting the lives of British citizens, should result in calls for the entire Muslim community to cease co-operating with police and also induce some to organise a protest against the raid itself. They apparently feel "unjustly targeted in the domestic fight against terrorism". I wonder who they would like the police and intelligence service to focus their attention on in this battle against Islamist terrorism? Presbyterians?


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