Saturday, June 03, 2006


A few blogs have already commented on the reaction of the "moderate" Muslim group MPACUK ("the UK's Leading Muslim civil liberties group, empowering Muslims to focus on non-violent Jihad and political activism") to the shooting of a man by police conducting an anti-terrorism raid. First of all, here's what the raid was all about-

A DESPERATE search is under way for a “chemical vest” that a British suicide bomber was ready to deploy in a terror attack on London.

Police fear that the strike, using a home-made chemical device, was imminent after an informant told MI5 that he had seen the lethal garment at the home of two young men.

Last night detectives were at the hospital bedside of a 23-year-old postal worker shot during a pre-dawn raid on his parents’ home, while his younger brother, aged 20, was being questioned at Paddington Green high security police station.

Armed officers who led the assault on the terraced house in Forest Gate, East London, wore oxygen masks and protective chemical gear after a tip-off from MI5 that the device had already been assembled.

And the reaction of MPACUK-

If British intelligence is anything to go by, we can only hope the sleeping Muslims of East London will wake up and rise against the tyrrany being perpetrated against our youth in the name of combating terrorism.

And then there's this comment-

The message for Muslims in all this is clear - the Police should be given no support and should not be helped in their victimisation of our community. If they want to repeat their experiences of the Irish and black communities, if they want riots and if they want tension then by all means they should go ahead and carry on their policies. But from now on and as far as I am concerned, they're the enemy.

Now obviously the comment has nothing to do with the site itself but it would be interesting to know just how widely accepted such views were in Britain.

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Bag said...

The extremists love this sort of thing. If it works out not to be a terrorist act and these guys were trying out a new prayer shroud or something then more Muslims will close ranks, valuable intelligence will be lost and there will be another row of bricks in the wall between us and them put in by the Muslims. If it is a terrorist act then we will get new laws about drain cleaner or something and we will put in a new row of bricks.

It will end badly. The only good news in this is at the moment we outnumber the Muslims. In another five to ten years of immigration and it will be the other way round but I don't think the peace will be kept that long.