Saturday, June 10, 2006

No Football

I'm not much of a football fan at all but even I can't see why the Sharia courts of Mogadishu should want to ban residents from watching the World Cup.

Residents say Islamist militiamen have shot in the air to disperse hundreds of Somalis protesting against moves by sharia courts to stop them watching the soccer World Cup in the capital, Mogadishu.

The soccer tournament had drawn huge crowds to TV screens set up under trees and iron-sheeted shacks.

The militia have also banned films and they have previously tried to close cinemas and video shops. Those attempts resulted in fighting that left twelve people dead.

Leaders of the capital's influential Islamic courts oppose western and Indian films, which they say promote immorality in the mainly Muslim nation of 10 million people.

I can see- though obviously not agree- why they would want to ban movies, but football? Perhaps they're worried that the people of Mogadishu will become corrupted by all those men running around in shorts? Or perhaps they're opposed to them seeing that the result of a free, open and stable society is the opportunity for thousands of people to relax in luxury while watching a very silly game being played by overpaid men. Makes a bit of a change from the grinding poverty that their regime will no doubt continue to foster.


religion of pieces said...

When the only women that they see are self-propelled black tents, the sight of men in shorts is going to be so erotically exciting that the whole moral structure of Muzzie society will collapse into a frenzied crowd invasion, as the soccer fans throw themselves upon each other in one huge gay orgy on the football pitch.

Jay.Mac said...

That's the most disturbing imagery I've come across in a long time!