Thursday, June 15, 2006


The monitor I've been using has been around since I first got my PC, back in '98. It was a 17" Belinea. Over the past months I've noticed that it seemed a tad dark and after a lot of "putting it off", I finally decided to get a replacement; well, in the end my wonderful wife bought me said item.

Great googally moogally! I had no idea my old monitor was so worn out; credit to Belinea though, it sure lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. The internet suddenly seems such a bright and cheery place; at last I'll be able to look at pictures and movies on my PC and see such trifling things such as details, colours, and what's actually happening in those scenes not set in perfect brilliant daylight!

The reason I'm writing this is to heartily recommend the website Aria, a UK supplier of computer components. My wife bought the monitor yesterday at lunchtime; and it arrived this morning. From the mainland. And it was an incredible bargain to boot.

So if you live in the UK- anywhere in the UK- and you need anything computer related, do be sure to check out Aria.

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