Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another London Protest

I keep hearing about moderate Muslims but the only time they've ever come together to protest Islamic terrorism only about a dozen managed to show up. Here in Britain, Muslims came out to protest, not against the threat of terrorism and the so-called "hijacking" of their religion by "extremists" but about police action to try and prevent a terrorist attack. Funny, but I don't remember any big protests against the murderers who carried out the 7/7 attack in London. The local Muslim population obviously feels more strongly about police anti-terror tactics than they do about actual terrorist attacks. More about one Muslim man being slightly wounded by police than fifty two people murdered by Islamic terrorists.

In a sometimes tense stand-off, about 100 protestors were heavily outnumbered by police as fundamentalists waved placards and called for the implementation of Sharia Law in Britain.

Only a hundred but still many more than appeared at the Free Muslims Against Terror protest in the US.

The sister of one of the men arrested in the anti-terror raid called on people not to join in the protest, but not because she was opposed to it per se-

"This will only provide another opportunity for our community to be portrayed in a negative light.

"Consequently, this will allow the police to inflict the same trauma that we have been through on another family. More brothers and sisters as a result, could be arrested, this will have an adverse affect in proving both of my brothers’ innocence."

Not a word about the police doing what they can to foil terrorist attacks on innocent people? No condemnation of the terrorists who are threatening to murder people in Britain and the effect that is having? Of course not. It's all the government and the police's fault.

Anjem Choudary, former UK head of the Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, and right-hand man to Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, the so-called Cleric of Hate, told demonstrators: "We have a right to defend ourselves. We will defend ourselves as a community, our lives, our honour. Cowardice and Islam cannot be in the heart of a Muslim at the same time."

He appears to misunderstand that Islam is a religion of peace too. As does this chap-

A bearded Irishman from Dublin, a convert of five years who gave his name as Khaled, said: "The Prophet Mohammed said ‘you should carry weapons’ and he is right."

Perhaps it's not surprising that there's so much confusion- one young boy was holding a sign that read, "Police target Muslims; will you be next?" He told reporters that he had been given the sign by his mosque. Aren't they supposed to be teaching this child that Islam is peaceful, not that the police are the problem? Shouldn't he maybe be holding a sign that reads "Terrorism; not in Islam's name" or something like that?

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