Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ministry of Bad Ideas

It appears that this ministry may have actually taken over control of the entire British government. Here's the latest-

The U.K., faced with a 6.3 billion pound ($11.7 billion) bill to deport illegal immigrants as it prepares to roll out mandatory identification cards in four years, is considering an amnesty to legalize some workers.

The reason? Why, it simply can't be done! There are apparently a whopping 570,000 illegals in the country. An "expert" on immigration claimed, "
Our economy would shrink. We would notice it in un- cleaned offices, dirty streets and un-staffed pubs.''

Frankly, that's a price I'm willing to pay. The streets are already dirty, there are plenty of students looking for work in the pubs and, please, untidy offices? Sure sounds like a national disaster. Perhaps some of Britain's 1.61 million unemployed just might be able to plug the gap left by the half a million illegals.

Now, some could argue that the illegals do the work that Britons don't want to do because of low wages- but the fact is, with an amnesty, the illegals won't be illegal anymore; and if they are legally recognised then you can bet that they'll be first in line demanding that their jobs pay the legally required mimimum wage

And the fact is that our economy needn't be harmed at all; there are plenty of Polish workers, amongst others from the EU, who can now legally work in the UK. They are ready, willing and able- and from what I've seen of them more than capable- to do just those sorts of jobs.

Perhaps all that's needed is a change in the law to get rid of illegal aliens for less than the stated £11,000; if you're in the country illegally and you get caught, we immediately return you to country of origin. Now, why does the price of a plane ticket have to cost over ten grand?

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Bag said...

Ooops. What if the country of origin doesn't want them? Do we jail them or just stick them on a boat and push them out to sea? Trick question my friend...