Wednesday, June 14, 2006

BBC Propaganda Continues

As soon as I finish one piece on the obvious bias at the BBC, I find another- this time about the CAIR-manufactured controversy over the YouTube video of a possible Marine singing about killing Iraqis. The BBC is fast onto this story- odd considering the time they take to cover other stories if at all. They tell us this, stating that this is what the Marine was singing about-

The lyrics caught on video refer to the shooting of Iraqi civilians, especially children.

Luckily we have blogs like Little Green Footballs to keep us right-

"the song is about a young woman luring a Marine into an ambush where she and her sister are killed by her jihadi father and brother, who in turn are killed with great justification by the Marine."

UPDATE- LGF is on the case of the BBC's bias here too, complete with the video in question lest there be any doubt. Thank heaven for the blogosphere; if my only news source was the MSM here in Britain, goodness knows what sort of warped view of the world I'd have.

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