Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Choice in Britain

Two stories which say an awful lot about present day Britain.

In the first, a schoolteacher with no criminal record at all was harassed by yobs for two years. Finally she snapped and fired an air pistol at their feet. She was sentenced to six months in prison, and after serving one month was released, the rest of her sentence to be suspended. She has just learned that she has been sacked from her 25 year job teaching those with special needs. For those in the know, the Walther CP88 she used is a CO2 powered air gun. It fires a .177" pellet at around 400fps.

In the second, a man named Phil Carroll was left in a critical condition by three teenagers after confronting them when they threw a stone at his car. The 48 year old was subjected to brain surgery following the attack which police have described as "totally unprovoked". His neighbours said that a "gang of 20 teenagers in baseball caps and hooded jackets had terrorised residents, drinking alcohol and insulting passers-by."

It seems like the only choices left to the people of Britain when confronted by these thugs is either prison or the hospital.

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