Wednesday, May 18, 2005

CS Gas in the London Tube

This news is just coming through and it's caused nothing more serious than an asthma attack. CS gas has been released at a station in London. According to witnesses at the scene the area has not been cordoned off and there's no sense of panic. It looks like someone in a crowd of commuters released the gas.

No word yet on who or why. It could be nothing, a prank or stunt. Then again, there's the scary possibility- dry run for a real chemical attack on the London underground. Let's hope it was the former.

On a related note, I've been subjected to CS gas- when I was in the Marines we had to check out NBC suits by going into a room filled with the stuff. After a time we had to remove our masks and answer questions from the instructors, stupid stuff to stop us holding our breath. It's certainly not pleasant at all, but we did discover that one member of our troop was immune to the stuff- we came out in pairs spluttering and coughing to collapse on the ground gasping for fresh air. This guy sauntered out singing that seventies tune "Macho Man".

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