Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Star Wars Remade

Here's a not unreasonable suggestion- to remake the original Star Wars films (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) because with the new trilogy just finished the originals look more than a tad out of place. Here we have bright shiny new technology some decades BEFORE the ships and weapons of the original trilogy. While Lucas' vision in the original trilogy was praised- his "lived in" universe- it seems like the technology of the new films is far advanced on the original, odd given that the new films take place before the old films.

I've got to say that I'd love to see the originals remade, just to see what they could be like with completely new special effects. What would be even better is if they completely ignored the designs of all the technology (Millennium Falcon, etc etc) and re-did it all from scratch. Start anew, continuing on the design style of the new movies just to see what they could come up with. My only demand would be that the damn silly Ewok battle be re-written with aliens that are just a little more dangerous than four foot tall teddy bears. Make it a planet of intelligent grizzlies or something. That would be good, because as it stands I just can't buy Stormtroopers getting their butts kicked by soft toys.

Another thing which makes me think that the originals should be remade are these pictures of Princess Leia- Carrie Fisher never did it for me, even in that gold bikini and having seen Adam Hughes' Leia, I've got to say that some recasting is in order. The second picture is taken from a Maxim calendar and is NSFW- which is why I've thoughtfully provided a link- and features glamour model Lucy Becker posing as Princess Leia.

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