Saturday, May 21, 2005

Protest in London

Despite the retraction by Newsweek, a protest went ahead in London yesterday outside the US Embassy over the Koran flushing incident.

A British policeman said the language was offensive and unpleasant in the extreme. But police overlooked that and the fact that more than a few of the young men in the crowd covered their faces, technically a violation of British law, according to the police.

The language was much more than offensive and unpleasant as I'll show- in fact an incitement to murder just might cover it. Despite this, and the illegal masks, I can find no record whatsoever of any arrests. Sterling police work, no doubt aided by government instructions not to do anything that might resemble their job.

Shouting, "Down, down USA; down, down USA," the protesters called for the killing of Americans, the death of the U.S. president, the death of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the bombing of Britain, and the annihilation of the U.S. capital: "Nuke, nuke Washington; Nuke, nuke Washington! Bomb, bomb the Pentagon."

Some of the militant Islamic rhetoric smacked of incitement to commit murder, CNN's Senior International Correspondent Walter Rodgers reported. "Death, death Tony Blair; death, death Tony Blair. Death, death George Bush," the protesters chanted.

"The only language we speak today is the language of jihad," said one protester.

That sounds to me like grounds for arresting some of these "protesters".

Holding their Qurans high, they called for death and mayhem, praising the destruction of New York's twin towers on September 11, 2001, and saying the White House is next.

Before they broke up, the protesters joined in meditation, and then they all prayed.

So here we have a prime example of the Religion of Peace in action- calling for mass murder and then praying.

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