Saturday, May 07, 2005

High-Tech Map Making

Another new development in technology funded by the US military, this time a method of creating a virtual 3D map of a city within an hour. With this new system troops will be able to obtain an accurate 3D model of a city created either by plane and truck or another new development- a swarm of drone aircraft which can carry out a recce at speed, equipped with co-operative software which allows them to respond to some of their number being shot down.

The 3D maps will be photo-realistic and the aim is to be able to update the maps as each patrol moves through the city, registering buildings destroyed or roadblocks, etc. It's absolutely startling to think that a city could be mapped down to each doorway and window in such a short time but this ability will give US troops a huge advantage in battle.

Total spectrum domination indeed.

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