Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thought Police in Australia

Seems that two pastors face possible prison time for criticising the Muslim faith in Australia. They called Islam an inherently violent religion. The judge presiding over the case said that this was, "essentially hostile, demeaning and derogatory of all Muslim people, their God, Allah, the prophet Mohammed and in general Muslim religious beliefs and practices."

Nice of him to declare that pointing out what many could argue is a fact is so awful. I wonder if during the case any evidence was provided from the Koran to show that the pastors actually had a point? Seems doubtful. Apparently the pastors made the mistake of not differentiating between extremist and moderate Muslims- don't the extremists quote from the same religious texts as the moderates? Or is there a completely separate holy book which counsels beheadings and the like?

This is so staggeringly wrong that I don't even know where to begin. I wonder if all those who mock and deride Christians or Buddhists will face similar trials? Australia has made a monumental error in passing this law.

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