Thursday, May 05, 2005

Muslims killing Muslims

From Strategy Page comes this optimistic assessment of the current effects of terrorist attacks in which Muslims are being killed by Muslims. Author James Dunnigan cites statistics, which show a reduction in the number of attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Chechnya, and concludes that the effect of Muslim attacks which kill other Muslims is reducing support amongst Muslims for these various terrorist groups.

However, when it comes to his analysis of Iraq he seems to miss the point- Shi'a Muslims are not happy with the terrorist/Al Qaeda activity there in which they seem to be coming off worst, but Dunnigan claims that Sunnis outside of Iraq are not best pleased either- odd given that it's mainly been Sunni terrorists causing all the trouble in the first place. Are these Sunni Muslims protesting the violence? I haven't seen any evidence of this yet so it's hard to see how Dunnigan reaches this conclusion. And for any who don't want to see the link between the terrorism in Iraq and Islam I point you towards any of the videos made of hostages having their heads brutally hacked off- Allah is mentioned once or twice.

I'll be more convinced that Muslim terrorists killing women and children in Iraq is losing Muslim support when people like the Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia's Supreme Judicial Council stop encouraging men to go to Iraq to wage war. Or when the apparent tolerant non-fundamentalist majority of the Religion of Peace begins to speak out against these attacks. So far they're been oddly silent.

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