Monday, May 16, 2005

Tonge Now A Baroness

It seems like being pro-terrorist is now no barrier to reward for British politicians- Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge has been made a Baroness in the House of Lords, despite being sacked from her front bench LibDem post for stating that she might become a suicide bomber if she were a Palestinian. In other words, she wouldn't mind murdering Israeli civilians.

Though she was sacked by LibDem leader Charles Kennedy for the remarks (after a storm of public protest) he was the one responsible for nominating her for the upper House. I contacted the Liberal Democrat Party with the following message-

I understand that Jenny Tonge has been nominated for the House of Lords by Charles Kennedy, despite being sacked from her frontbench role for her disgraceful comments regarding Palestinian suicide bombers. At the time Kennedy commented-

Her recent remarks about suicide bombers are completely unacceptable. They are not compatible with Liberal Democrat party policies and principles. There can be no justification, under any circumstances for taking innocent lives through terrorism."

What exactly has changed since Kennedy made these remarks? Are Tonge’s comments now in line with LibDem party policy? Are the Liberal Democrats now supporters of terrorism? I cannot see how Charles Kennedy can reconcile his previous statement with this nomination- either her views were entirely unacceptable and not compatible with party policy or sacking her was simply a matter of political expedience and he actually agrees with her position. I for one would like to know how the Liberal Democrat party explains this. "

So far, they have not responded.

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