Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Traitor Galloway Heads to the States

George Galloway is in America to speak to the committee which accused him of receiving payments of 20 million barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein. Galloway is on his usual "playing up to the crowds" form, stating that he is not the accused, he is the accuser!

“I am going to accuse them of being involved in a huge diversion from the real issues in Iraq, which are the theft of billions of dollars worth of Iraq’s wealth by the United States of America and its corporations, and the deaths of more than 100,000 people in Iraq, the destruction of the country, the opening of the doors to Islamic extremism of the al-Qaeda variety, tremendous crimes they have committed in Iraq."

He also describes the committee of seven Republicans and six Democrats as:
"a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists under the chairmanship of a neocon George Bush who is pro-war." I'm sure that the Democrats in particular will be happy to have been described in such a way.

I expect that these Americans will not take any nonsense from Galloway. As Senator Coleman says,
“I’m not going to debate George Galloway. The evidence speaks for itself. It is what it is, unless he has some explanation. I will be interested in his explanation of why his name is listed on all these Iraqi documents."

Galloway has also been told that he will be giving testimony under oath.
According to the article, a" committee spokesman noted pointedly that the penalty for lying to Congress is five years’ imprisonment."

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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