Friday, May 06, 2005

Girl Murdered by Terrorists

This picture of a US solider comforting a fatally wounded Iraqi girl following a suicide bomb attack in Mosul, has already appeared on LGF and Head's Bunker. Thanks to both those sites for linked to the photographer's own blog. According to Michael Yon's report a group of some twenty children where swarming around a Stryker when a terrorist drove his car bomb into the vehicle. The terrorist could just have easily waited until the Stryker was further down the road before carrying out the attack- proving once and for all how little disregard these "insurgents" and "militants" have for the lives of the Iraqi people themselves. Their battle is not for the Iraqis, it is against their freedom and democracy- and their lives mean nothing to the terrorists waging this revolting campaign.

Yon's report goes on to point out that when the US troops returned to the neighbourhood the next day, they were welcomed back by the Iraqis- and their children raced out to see them. Perhaps those on the Left who seem to think that America is the bad-guy, that these terrorists are some sort of freedom fighters, should think on that.
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