Friday, May 27, 2005

First the guns, now the kitchen knives

This will serve as a potent reminder to all my American readers- the gun grabbers don't just want your guns, they won't stop there- here in the UK they've managed to ban handguns and semi-automatic rifles, now they're after kitchen knives.

It seems that long, pointed kitchen knives are used in stabbings and according to some chefs questioned about their use, none of them are "essential". At the moment the government does not plan to pursue this ban, it's merely being called for by a group of doctors, but the Association of Chief Police Officers is also in favour of the ban. There is a possibility that this will head towards Parliament but I personally can't see it- but only because of the massive disruption this would cause to shops all over the country that sell such items, plus the companies that manufacture them.

Having said that, this is the UK- and as we become more and more "European-ised", anything is possible.

I wonder what these doctors would have to say about my two-handed machete?

Hat tip to Head's Bunker.

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