Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Traitor Galloway Again

Galloway, who sides with a homicidal dictator and calls on British troops to disobey their orders, gave an interview back in November 2004 in which he compares Fallujah to Stalingrad and says that the "people who invaded and destroyed Iraq and have murdered more than a million Iraqi people by sanctions and war will burn in Hell in the hell-fires, and their name in history will be branded as killers and war criminals for all time."

He also claimed that the "criminals who invaded.. fell like wolves upon the people of Iraq". I'm not quite clear here if he means the Americans who have worked tirelessly to free the Iraqi people, rebuild their country and provide them the means to have democracy or the foreign terrorists who almost daily are targeting Iraqi civilians in terrorist attacks. Who are the wolves George? The Americans who have freed the country or these terrorists who kill Iraqi children?

Quite apart from his appalling use of English, how he can call the liberation of Iraq destroying it is beyond me. This left-wing socialist MP (a disgrace to Britain) would rather that rich fat-cat Saddam Hussein was still in power. Remember Saddam, the guy who used chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians, the one who built palaces with all that UN money instead of give to his starving people? Yep, George the socialist would rather the downtrodden masses were kept in their place by a brutal tyrant than be free to vote and choose their own leaders. Where are his principles? Who's looking out for the man on the street in Iraq? It's certainly not the left wing anti-war activists who were quite happy to let these ordinary men and women starve, be tortured and murdered than to see them free.

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