Monday, May 23, 2005

Moonbat Article on Google

This is what passes for a "news source" on Google these days- not only that but on the section dedicated to the First Lady's visit to the Middle East, this was the top choice. Here are a couple of choice selections of this utterly bizarre article- I guess the author was wearing a tinfoil hat when he wrote it:

Laura Bush, wife of the notorious war criminal George Bush, tried to put the best face on her embarrassing visit to occupied Palestine over the weekend as she arrived in Cairo.

In the current context, one we are asked to believe Laura Bush’s “weekend visit to Jerusalem holy sites” obviates, the violence is facilitated by the Israeli state with ample assistance of the United States, currently led (thanks to bogus elections) by Laura’s warm and fuzzy mass murdering husband. It apparently disturbs Mrs. Bush that she cannot “come to the Holy Land in peace,” that is to say a Holy Land effectively controlled by Israel, with docile Palestinians, Stepford Palestinians who have accepted their role as the “hewers of wood and drawers of water” (as dictated by the Hebrew bible), a rather unreasonable assumption, to say the least, considering the historical struggle of people against tyranny and occupation down through the millennium.

As my Other Half said when she read this piece, "who is this dick?"

I think that says it quite nicely.

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