Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fraiser in X-Men 3

Wow, talk about an inspired piece of casting- Kelsey Grammar is set to play Hank McCoy AKA Beast in the X-Men 3 movie. For those of you not in the know Beast is a big, blue-haired intellectual mutant. Even better news is that he's not going to be computer generated- it's going to be make-up. This sounds like excellent news to me.

Word too of a possible Wolverine spin-off.


3Ply Stagliano said...

What do you think of the casting of 'that baldy bloke' from The Shield as Ben Grimm/The Thing in the Fantastic Four film?

Jay.Mac said...

Think he'll be good, but it all depends on his make-up. I've got to say that I prefer the original comicbook face with the big eyebrow ridge. He's got a good, strong voice so as Ben, it's a good bit of casting. Thank goodness they didn't make him a CGI character.

3Ply Stagliano said...

I agree about the CGI. People are far too quick to run straight to it any time they've got something slightly out of the ordinary and it's often exceptionally unconvincing (and will look even moreso in years to come, I imagine). I also agree about the eyebrow. I like the slightly neanderthal suggestions with the 'ridge' too. He could be quite a mean Thing, which is about right.