Wednesday, May 11, 2005

V for Vendetta

Somehow I totally managed to miss this news- they're making a movie of the Alan Moore graphic novel, V for Vendetta. Truth be told that I can barely remember a word of Vendetta, it's just been too long since I read it. Moore's masterwork for me has always been Watchmen but I've enjoyed most things that he's written. V is something I'll certainly have to have another look at. The story involves a character known only as V (who wears a Guy Fawkes mask), a survivor of medical experimentation in a concentration camp, who undertakes a war against the totalitarian regime in post-World War Three Britain. Given our current climate, it'll be interesting to see how Hollywood handles a big budget movie whose central character is essentially a terrorist.

The screenplay has been written by the Wachowski Brothers of Matrix fame and stars Hugo Weaving as V with a shaven-headed Natalie Portman as his companion Evey. Now, as I said, I cannot remember anything about this- it just didn't stick in my mind the same way Watchmen did, or even League of Gentlemen did, so I'll need to review the source material again. Maybe post a review of the graphic novel soon.

Oh, just caught this on IMDB- they are making a Watchmen movie! No news yet on a cast, just some speculation in the comments section there.

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