Friday, May 27, 2005

Compare and Contrast

Bush seems to be throwing his presidency away this term- by showing no backbone over the big issue of illegal immigration and now with this- pandering to the Palestinian Authority. What happened to the man who risked all to retaliate against Afghanistan and liberate Iraq?

Compare this report on sermons by preachers who are paid by the Palestinian Authority-

Recent sermons by Mr. Mudeiris include one from April 15, 2005, in which he said that Muslims prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan were forced to convert to Christianity. In his sermon on February 4, 2005, he called for Palestinians to conquer Israel. This year's New Year sermon was devoted to the destruction of America: "America has reached the top and we admit it, but it is headed for a bottomless pit, Allah willing. America, which is being led by its current president, to a bottomless pit. He leads it to death and destruction, Allah willing. America's grave was dug by Bush the day he invaded Afghanistan. Bush prepared this grave on the day he invaded Iraq."...

With Bush's stance on funding to the Palestinian Authority-

"US President George W Bush has pledged $50m in direct aid for the Palestinian Authority, at a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. The new aid is part of a $350m package earmarked for the Palestinians."

There's something seriously wrong with this picture- America is essentially paying for preachers to call for the downfall of the United States. Seems to me that the time has come for America to stop giving money- lots and lots of money- to those who hate it. That $350 would surely go at least some of the way to fixing Social Security wouldn't it? As Bush himself said, "You're either with us, or against us."

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Luis said...

How could all 4 planes fly over US Military bases untouched?

How did both towers fall without controlled demolitions?

Why did the owner bring down WTC7 on 9/11?

Why is the White House doing everything possible to cover up an official investigation?

How did the hijackers passport remain intact?

Why was all the WTC tower rubble removed so quickly without being examined?

Why is the hole in the pentagon inconsistent with the size of the plane?

Why didn't the official story change when many "hijackers" turned out to be alive?

Why did the military not respond on 9/11 when they have a perfect record of responding to off course planes?

Was Dick Cheney running war games simulating hijacked planes on 9/11?