Friday, May 20, 2005

MSM Draws close

In the aftermath of the Newsweek mess, the MSM wagon train begins to circle. CNN has posted a story entitled- Army: Soldiers Did Mock Executions.

Of course it turns out that these incidents have been reported by the Army and those involved have already received their punishment. According to the story:

"At least three soldiers were investigated and reprimanded for handling detainees outside of authorized military parameters, according to the documents."

Seems like a bit of a non-story, given that these events took place in 2003 and as recently as February 2004 (when a soldier taunted a detainee with a Star of David). That's not important to the MSM- what is important is that this adds fuel to their "fake but accurate" meme about the Newsweek Koran story. The fact that the Army took steps to reprimand the men involved in these incidents is not the point of the story, in fact, it's hard to see what purpose is served by publishing this story. As Murdoc has been saying recently, this all looks distinctly unpatriotic. The incidents involved pretending to kill prisoners. They do not involve actual abuse- other than some taunting, let's not forget.

Once more the media makes no effort to juxtapose these trivial incidents with the brutal beheadings carried out by the jihadis, nor does it praise the Army for dealing with the perpetrators.

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