Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Clone Wars

Revenge of the Sith opens in the UK tomorrow- I can't wait to see it. Part of the reason for my excitement is that I caught a couple of episodes of the cartoon Clone Wars at the weekend. Wow. The creator Tartakovsky (of Samurai Jack fame) should immediately be hired to make the series into a massive budget live action movie. Scratch that, series of movies.

Picture this- the droid army is attacking- Yoda uses the Force to smash tanks and landing craft into one another, a wave of fighters zooms in so Yoda Force-lifts dozens of shielded Droideka into the air to destroy them. Mace Windu leaps onto the back of a droid fighter and grabs a fistful of wires, piloting it around to destroy fighters with his lightsabre. The action is BIG, everything you always dreamed that the Jedi were capable of and more when you were a kid. On the basis of these couple episodes, I've got my order in for the DVD collection. If you like Star Wars even a little bit, go and check this out- I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

You can watch some episodes online here.

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