Monday, May 02, 2005

Nazis on the rise?

Like many others before me, I've often wondered how the horrors of the Holocaust ever came about- how could an entire nation go along with a genocidal madman like Hitler and cause the deaths of so many? What sort of madness gripped the German nation?

Well, it seems like British university lecturers are showing us how easy it is for anti-Semitism to rear its ugly head. As you've probably read, the British union of university lecturers has approved a motion to stop working with scholars from Israeli universities. As appalling as this is I thought nothing more of it than the Left's ridiculous love affair with the Palestinian terrorist movement. What it is about these idiots' fascination with so-called revolutionaries is beyond me. Perhaps they don't have the mental capacity to comprehend that what these apparent "freedom fighters" actually do is commit crimes like the murder of a pregnant woman and her children. Her name was Tali Hatuel and she was eight months pregnant. The Palestinian butchers also murdered her daughters- Hila, 11; Hadar, 9; Roni, 7 and Merav, 2. This wasn't done at long range either, it was no accident. They fired on her car and when Tali lost control and crashed they closed in and carried out their murders- by shooting the children twice each in the head.

That British university lecturers would align themselves with people like this - and that's what they're doing- is disgusting and absolutely unforgivable. And it wasn't until I read this article that I realised that it's behaviour like this which made Hitler's accession to mass-murdering dictator possible. I don't have to wonder how it all started in Germany any more- I can see the same prejudice on the rise right here in the UK.


Greg said...

One of the main reasons the Nazis arose were due to the constant insistance by right wingers that a certain religious group and/or race/culture/political party are the enemy, are the enemy, are the enemy, are the enemy..... sound familiar Jay Mac?!

Jay.Mac said...

Actually the Nazis weren't right wingers, they were socialists. Hence the name - the Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party. That puts them very firmly on the LEFT wing of the political aisle.