Sunday, May 01, 2005

FHM Top 100

My Other Half has already blogged on the FHM American Top 100 Sexiest Woman list. If you're in the States and are interested in the selection made by us Brits, here's the UK Top 100. I'm sure that a lot of names in the UK list will not be familiar at all to readers outside the UK- helpfully, Yahoo has linked each name to an image search.

Comparing the two lists I've got to say that the American one makes more sense to me. Cheryl Tweedy listed above Angelina Jolie? Please. But Monica Bellucci comes in at 89 on the US list compared to 54 in the UK? That's just silly. Surely she should be at number two, right behind Angelina?

One thing I will say is that UK FHM has the most bizarre, twisted photographers/make-up people in the world. For some reason they tend to take the most unflattering photos of the celebrities- and then put the worst of each set into their Top 100 supplement. Weird. Anyway, I haven't been able to find a link to the actual UK photos yet, but you can see the US list in two parts here and here. Enjoy the photos and then have fun complaining about the list- I know I do.

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