Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Big Dog

AllahPundit is not entirely impressed by the Big Dog, a quadruped robot. I am- it doesn't seem like too long ago when the world was stunned by a robot that could walk up a set of steps. Now we have one that can not only carry more than 300lbs of gear but which can compensate for slippery ice or even getting kicked. I can't even begin to imagine the genius which makes it possible to co-ordinate all its limbs like that. The Big Dog could one day go into service with troops on patrol in remote regions, carrying extra supplies- or perhaps be armed and sent into combat.

You've really got to see it to believe it- this really is awesome.

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crotalus said...

I thought at first that it was supposed to be a giant fly, with that buzzing. I guess now that it's a two stroke engine driving it?

Awesome technology!