Monday, March 10, 2008

Iran's Nukes

Remember the NIE that said that Iran had abandoned its efforts to develop a nuclear weapon, the one that they had so much confidence about? Yeah, the one that British intelligence said got it all wrong. Uh huh, that's right, the same one that was contradicted by the UN's own cheer-leaders for Iran, the IAEA.

Well, seems that Israel doesn't agree with it either-

Yesterday, Israel's Mossad and Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence chiefs presented an annual security report to the Knesset warning of Syria's armament program.

The chiefs also warned of a possible flare-up at Israel's northern border with the Hezbollah terror group and said in their assessment Iran could cross the technological threshold enabling it to assemble a nuclear bomb by the end of next year.

Kind of makes you wonder if John Bolton was right when he said that the NIE was "politics disguised as intelligence"?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, "British intelligence" also said that Iraq was buying yellowcake from Niger.

And you fell for that one too.

Sheeple. Just say baaaaaa! baaaa!