Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama's Mistake

Obama might be a gifted public speaker but he sure isn't too bright.

Barack Obama effusively praised the record of Jay Rockefeller after receiving a glowing introduction from the West Virginia Senator yesterday. Rockefeller called Obama “brilliant” and talked about what a great commander-in-chief Obama would make despite having no military experience nor any time on committees than handle military affairs during Obama’s three years in the Senate. Obama then complimented Rockefeller on his vote against the war...

The problem being, of course, that Rockefeller didn't vote against the war.

Forget being commander-in-chief — Obama couldn’t even be researcher in chief at the Senate web site. If we look at the 2002 vote on the authorization to use military force in Iraq, we see Jay Rockefeller’s name in the “yea” column, not among the nays...In fact, Rockefeller didn’t just passively vote “yea” in the Senate. He gave a speech on October 10, 2002, prior to the vote, exhorting his colleagues to support the AUMF and the invasion of Iraq.

I wonder how he felt in front of all those people, listening to Obama lie make such mistakes? I'd have loved it if he had gotten up and actually corrected Obama there and then. You see, Obama actually criticised Hillary in the same speech for voting for the war and then went on to say that Rockefeller had read the NIE and had voted "no". Was he trying to pull a fast one and hope no one would notice? Or does he really have no idea who or what he's talking about?

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Anonymous said...

As a Veteran, I know that the military never gives orders until the troop is deployed. Intelligence is not bandied about the Senate or the House or the Press either. Whatever we hear is the last words after the facts. Anyone with a Security Clearance is told what s/he needs to know. Senator Obama was voicing what many Americans were saying in 2002. Prior to September , 2001, I turned down a National Security Clearance because I could see a war coming.

Hello People, Sen. Obama had a fifty-fifty chance of being correct. Was he correct? Factually, a retired officer told me that the war was on its way for years, at least a decade if not two. So, Sen. Obama's intelligence is not really scoring highly in my book.