Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama's Speech

I'm sick to death of hearing about Obama's weasel-worded speech, and the unbelievable degree of leniency even some commentators on the Right are giving this man. How many times have you heard people say that Obama couldn't possibly believe any of the hatred that Wright was spewing? No, he couldn't believe it and it's just pure coincidence that Wright not only was the catalyst for his faith but his mentor for 20 years! And Barack definitely doesn't buy into any of the anti-American conspiracy or the pro-Palestinian propaganda (to name but one example) despite the fact that he thought this was an appropriate place to bring his children every week.


Anyway, here's what I hope will be my last mention of his lame attempt to save his own hide.

To fully appreciate the venality of Obama's treatment of his grandmother, one needs to read the other stories he tells about her.

I'm glad that his equating the woman who essentially raised him with the man who dominated his adult years, Wright, has become such a prominent point of the commentary of the speech.

Does he have any reason to believe she was a "typical" prejudiced "white person?" No. The opposite is true. Unlike Barack himself, his grandparents were active anti-racist. So much so, that they had difficulty fitting into Texas' racist society of the early 1960s.

Using Obama's own recollection of his grandmother it seems that she's anything but racist in any way, shape or form. And for him to believe that she's some sort of sacrificial lamb he can use to excuse his own behaviour and associations is despicable. Why would anyone vote for a man who sees his elderly grandmother as nothing more than a political tool to further his own career- no matter how much it defames her character?

He's certainly not worthy to lead the United States of America.

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