Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lying To Their Viewers

The media, yet again, tries to peddle lies to the public.

Dutch TV station 101tv had an actress wearing Western clothing drop some packages on a sidewalk, then filmed as lots of people rushed to her aid and helped her pick up the groceries.

Then they put the same actress in a burqa, and had her drop the groceries again. This time nobody helped her. Islamophobia! Bigotry!

Uh... except that, unfortunately for 101tv, another crew from a different TV station happened to be there at the same time—and they filmed as person after person did approach the burqa-clad woman to help, but were chased away by the 101tv crew, who shouted things like, “Keep walking! We’re filming!” and “Guys, stop that!”

I gather that ethics is not longer a required class for journalists.

LGF has the video.

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