Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Strawberry Meth Hoax

The police, experts on every subject it appears.

A policeman alerted hundreds of families to the danger-drug Strawberry Meth - despite the fact it does not exist.

Pupils and parents at 80 schools in Oxfordshire were warned of the possible risks of the fruit-flavoured drug, also known as Strawberry Quick, by the unwitting officer.

He was sent an internet hoax and forwarded it on- without bothering to do even do the most basic research. Not even Googling it.

The myth of Strawberry Meth is believed to have originated in America, which has been circulating on the Internet in the UK for months.

In November. drugs charity DrugScope issued a press release warning of the hoax, and police officers in Lincolnshire alerted people to the scam in the same month.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the officer would not be disciplined over the incident but said internal processes would be reviewed.

Like not relying on unsubstantiated rumour for their "expert" information?

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