Friday, March 14, 2008

Prisoner Apology

So, a bunch of criminals serving their time in prison were offered some food they didn't like. They weren't forced to eat it or anything like that, just offered it. And now the Justice Minister has issued an official apology.

I bet you can see where this one is going already. The food in question was the dreaded ham sandwich and the prisoners were Muslim.

Rather than telling them to get on with repaying their debt to society and to simply say, "no, thank you, sir," to anything they don't want to eat, we've come to a point where the Minister ultimately in charge of prisons has written them a letter of apology. And staff are to be re-trained to better understand their cultural and religious needs. Such is life in the 21st Century.

One wonders why such devout religious men are serving time for breaking the law in the first place.

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