Monday, March 10, 2008

Religion of What?

So a cartoonist draws a picture of Mohammed with a bomb for a turban, implying that Islam is not a religion of peace after all. Then a Dutch politician made a film that no one has ever seen but which is critical of Islam. How do Muslims reply? With reasoned and peaceful discourse pointing out the long history of peaceful Muslim activity and a refutation of violence in Islam's name?

Well, not quite.

Sunday's protest near the city of Jalalabad on the highway leading to Pakistan followed violent demonstrations a day earlier in the western city of Herat against the cartoon and a film on the Koran by a right wing Dutch politician.

Chanting anti-Western slogans, the marchers in Jalalabad burnt Danish and Dutch flags demanding the cartoonist and the politician, who plans to release his film this month, be put on trial.

"If our demands are not fulfilled, we will stage more protests and resort to suicide attacks against the foreigners," said Ibrahim, a university student.

So, behave like good dhimmis and destroy your freedom of expression or we'll resort to the random murder of foreigners who have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Perhaps CAIR needs to go visit Afghanistan and explain to these upset Muslims that their religion forbids this sort of thing.

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