Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogger Threatened

David Codrea, Guns magazine columnist and War on Guns blogger, has posted a warning he received via Ryan Horsley of Red's Trading Post.

US Marshal Judicial Security Inspector David A. Meyer told Horsley to pass on a warning to David about the "Court Security Improvement Act 2007"-

"Inspector Meyer asked me to contact you in regards to posting any information with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or incite the commission of a crime of violence against that covered official... "

Obviously David has never engaged in any threatening, intimidation or in any incitement to violence against officials. Astonishing that a US Marshal thinks it's appropriate to pass on a veiled threat warning like this through a third party- and a civilian to boot. I'm pretty sure that if a law enforcement officer believes that a law is being broken they would want to speak to that person directly, rather than relying on a non-LEO to pass the information along. And they might also want to gather, you know, some evidence? Given that he knows of the location of War On Guns where he believes these crimes might take place at some undefined point in the future, shouldn't he take it upon himself to contact David directly via his email address?

Anyone care to comment on the legality of Meyer's actions in regard to this- not to mention his attempt to chill David's free speech? It seems to me that the only threats and intimidation are coming from Meyer.

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