Friday, March 21, 2008

Early Release

LA Police are objecting to the early release of Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist Kathleen Soliah.

Her participation in the bank robbery in a Sacramento suburb that resulted in Opsahl’s shotgun death should have made her guilty of first-degree murder. She pled down to second-degree murder after her conviction on the domestic terrorism charges in Los Angeles, from which she had run 23 years earlier. She also entered into a plea bargain for those charges of bomb-planting, but then immediately claimed she was innocent.

The LA police are arguing that she does not deserve the time off her sentence for the work she did in prison.

“She needs to serve her full time in prison for these crimes and does not deserve time off for working in prison. Criminals who attempt to murder police officers should not be able to escape justice simply because they have good lawyers.”

The same, surely, applies to criminals found guilty of murdering or attempting to murder any innocent person, not merely police officers. Their lives are no more sacrosanct than any one else's. The fact is, this woman should be in prison for the rest of her life for the actual murder of a bank teller- but this doesn't figure in the police arguments, only that she was trying to kill some of their own.

Tell me again when cops became vaunted beings whose lives are more important than the mere citizens they serve?

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