Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama's Entourage

How many times does it have to happen for people to start asking if those Obama associates with, and hires, actually do represent his true beliefs?

First there was Samantha Power, then Rev. Wright and now it's his chief military advisor, Tony McPeak.

McPeak’s formulation uses a little more subtlety than most of the Jewish-cabal conspiracy theorists, but the thrust is the same. Jews and “Christian Zionists” operate from a concern for the interests of Israel over America. It’s not that protecting the region’s only democracy and our strongest ally somehow doesn’t fall within our own interests, but that this group of Americans act against our national interests to manipulate American policy at the expense of our country.

Basically, Jews and Christian Zionists are traitors, according to McPeak.

Coincidental that these are the kinds of people Obama surrounds himself with?

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