Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama's Evolution

For a newbie Obama certainly has this flip-flop thing down well. You think John Kerry's been giving him private lessons on how to change positions depending on what direction the political wind blows? From 2004-

"The failure of the Iraqi state would be a disaster," he said at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, according to an audiotape of the session. "It would dishonor the 900-plus men and women who have already died. . . . It would be a betrayal of the promise that we made to the Iraqi people, and it would be hugely destabilizing from a national security perspective."

And yet now he doesn't seem to mind dishonouring the fallen American troops who gave so much, nor throwing the Iraqi people to the wolves. But, hey, it's not flip-flopping when Obama does it, it's "evolution". He went on to say,

"We have to manage our exit in a responsible way," he told the council, "at the very least taking care not to plunge the country into an even deeper and perhaps irreparable crisis."

And yet his position today is that he will withdraw US troops within one year. How he's going to pull off this magic trick he has yet to explain.

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