Monday, March 24, 2008

Drunk and in charge of a badge

Get drunk on the job and get promoted? It could only happen to an "Only One"...

A POLICE officer who admitted to drinking at least 18 beers before going on duty to carry out a breath test has not been disciplined.

Instead, Senior-Constable Adam Reedy has been promoted – despite telling a court last month about a wild night in Cunnamulla that ended with him knocked unconscious after trying to arrest a woman.

So being drunk wasn't enough, he also had to get himself knocked out to snag this promotion.

Reedy was at the Warrego Hotel about 10pm on May 14, 2005, when asked by colleagues to carry out a breath test.

After the test he drank two rums at the Club Hotel and about 12.45am declared himself on duty to arrest local woman Corrinne Mitchell, who he says spat on him, sparking a fight that ended in Reedy being flown to Toowoomba Hospital for treatment.

Talk about a consummate professional, eh?

In court, Crown witnesses backed the defendants' claim that Reedy had directed racial comments at Aborigines in a bar and then dragged Ms Mitchell by her hair, pulling clumps out.

A drunk and a racist? Certainly sounds like the type on individual deserving of a promotion.

Really, you couldn't make this stuff up.

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