Saturday, March 08, 2008

Unlikely Coincidence

Say, what?

Authorities said there was no connection between the blast and a letter sent to as many as 100 members of Congress bearing the words “Happy New Year, We Did It.”

Officials said the lengthy anti-war letters — sent to congressional offices with photos of a man standing in front of the recruiting office before it was damaged — contained no threats.

Not entirely convincing me there's no link, but go on...

Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman in Los Angeles, said agents questioned a Hollywood man about the letters to Congress and searched his home and concluded “there is no evidence linking the letters, which contained no threat, to the bombing.”

So they've completed a thorough check of this guy's contacts too I suppose. Found a record of his online activity and checked to see if he's a member of any private forums or has any IM contacts in New York? No chance at all he could have an accomplice in NY? When, for instance, did he travel to NY to take the photo- or did he get it from someone else? And why did he send a picture of that particular place? What reason did he have for taking a picture of that particular spot and why send it with an anti-war screed? Reasonable questions, I think.

Given the security process for Capitol mail, the letters probably were sent well ahead of the attack. One law enforcement official said the “We Did It” referred to Democrats taking control of Congress in 2006.

He does realise that it isn't 2007 any more- it's actually March 2008. Does all mail to Congress take over a year to arrive? I could maybe buy the delay if it were one letter- mail gets lost or held up all the time- but for 100 letters to all be delayed for so long, for the same time, and to arrive at the exact time the place in the picture is being bombed.

Colour me sceptical.

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