Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Devotion To Duty

This guy is dedicated. An Army Captain, fresh back from an Iraq deployment, was tobogganing and suffered a terrible accident- his leg was torn off. Surgeons reattached the limb and he was told the damage was so bad that it would be two years before he would be able to walk and that he might never regain full mobility.

So the tough soldier from the 4th Battalion The Rifles ordered astonished medics: “Cut it off.” Yesterday he was fitted with a false leg and hopes to be back leading his men within a year.

He told The Sun: “Amputation gave the best prospects for the rest of my life and the swiftest return to duty.



Bag said...

Well. Outstanding was not the word I was thinking of.

What a nut case.

JHardin said...

Get that man a Keldara Mountain Tigers t-shirt!