Friday, March 21, 2008

Missed Opportunity

As you already know the arguments have been delivered for the Heller case. The pro-2nd side however has made one error- they didn't bring Kevin from The Smallest Minority on board.

Here's a page that compares Washington, Arlington, and Alexandria - three cities in very close geographical location, but with vastly different gun laws. In 2005, D.C. (with a handgun ban and a population of 550,000) had 195 homicides. Alexandria, VA (right next door with a population of 130,000 and "shall-issue" concealed-carry) had 3. That's a rate comparison of 35.4/100,000 for D.C. to (carry the one...) 2.3/100,000. But D.C. is supposedly safer because of its gun laws?

That's Fenty's talking point!

If you only read one pro-Second Amendment story this Easter, make sure it's this one. Then send it to everyone you know.

Not only are the DC authorities basing their arguments on fantasy rather than facts, they are outright lying to the public about the realities of the situation.

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Storage Alexandria said...

Thanks for posting. I was just surfing around and stumbled upon your site, and I'm wondering why Virginia's laws are so strict. As far as concealed weapon law are concerned Washington by far is the most leniant but why is virginia so strict?