Saturday, March 08, 2008

Resident Evil Extinction

Milla Jovovich, a pair of 1911s, a cameo appearance by an SA80, zombies- yep, all these things and more, and yet Resident Evil: Extinction still doesn't quite work. Like the other films in the series it has its plus points but it remains flawed. Yet somehow oddly compelling.

With a few tweaks to the story it could have been great- and I would have liked them to have completely dumped the whole super-powered thing. Still, I'll probably watch it over and over again, thinking about what could have been. Oh, and I enjoyed it more than Apocalypse- I've watched that film quite a few times and they treat the zombies almost like an afterthought or little more than a plot device to advance the story to the Nemesis section. Extinction was better, I think.

On a related note, I would have liked to see an "in-between" movie, marking the spread of the zombies. This film jumps forward from where Apocalypse leaves off and we don't get to see the zombies taking over, just the aftermath.

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Kevin said...

Who cares? It has Milla. And guns!