Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crushing OPEC

Robert Zubrin has a plan to smash OPEC's grip on the US and the world. All is takes is one step-

However, there is now a way to break OPEC, a surprisingly simple one. What is needed is for Congress to pass a law requiring that all new cars sold (not just made, but sold) in the U.S. be flex-fueled — that is, be able to run on any combination of gasoline or alcohol fuels. Such cars already exist — two dozen different models of flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) are being produced by Detroit’s Big Three this year — and they only cost about $100 more than identical models that can run on gasoline only. (The switch to FFV requires only two minor upgrades: in the materials used in the fuel line and in the software controlling the electronic fuel injector.)

He goes on to explain the effect he believes this will have. Beyond my realm of expertise to comment but he certainly sounds convincing- and to be free of the hold that OPEC states have on the world would be worth a hundred bucks a car, surely? The website for his book "Energy Victory - Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil" is here.

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