Thursday, March 20, 2008


As you can see from this blog I've always been a Batman fan rather than Superman. Supes has always been too powerful for my liking- he's virtually indestructible with awesome powers. Bats, on the other hand, is just a guy. That makes him much more interesting in my book.

Anyway, Smallville, the show about Clark Kent's teenage years, is being repeated here in the UK and my wife and I are hooked. Totally and utterly. Seeing a show or two here and there doesn't really do it justice- but right now it's showing every weekday evening and it really does help to see the episodes close together.

The writing is great, the characters are great. the actors are great and it's a terrific addition to the legend. Clark and Lex Luthor as buddies? Brilliant- and Lex is wonderfully ambiguous. Good guy going bad or bad guy pretending to be good? Either way, Lex and warped father Lionel Luthor are done to perfection. If you look up family dysfunction in the encyclopaedia, there should be a picture of these two next to it.

As for Tom Welling as Clark? I've got to say that he's just about flawless. He plays the character brilliantly, whether it's as frustrated teen struggling with his secrets, bad-guy Red Kryptonite Clark, somewhat innocent farm boy or as the courageous man that Superman will be- he's got this role down to perfection. And the cast of supporting characters are all equally good in their respective roles. I particularly like John Schneider's Jonathan Kent- the guy who gave Superman his moral compass.

If you haven't seen the show I suggest you go buy Season One right now.

Here's the opening credits. At first ~I wasn't completely sold on the theme tune but I just can't get enough of it now.

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